�rn� J�hannsd�ttir
�rn� J�hannsd�ttir
Reykjav�k, Iceland

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My name is Arny Johanns and I am a photographer by pure interest.

In the year 2005, I had the urge to capture the nature around me as I drove through various places in my beautiful country of Iceland. I thought that I might carry an artistic side in me and entered a course to study art. I painted and colored pictures, but the interest wasn�t there. It wasn�t until I took out our old Nikon film camera and started capturing the beauty around me, that I found my nitch.

Two years later, and having acquired new digital cameras (first a Canon digital Ixus 50 a small compact camera, and now a Canon 30D), photography has set it�s way in me. Actually both cameras were given to me, the compact one is from my husband who wanted to support this new hobby of mine, but it has since drowned in water.

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The Canon 30D was given to my by a couple who saw the little compact Canon and asked if I could take even better photos if I had a more efficient camera. When I told them that the little compact was very limited, they handed me a check for $1,000.00 and told me to buy the camera of my choice! God bless them!

I save up money now each year to buy more lenses and other equipment to make my photos of a better quality. I really hope you enjoy them. I do! I have since then taken all kinds of photos, but my main interest is nature, portraits and the animal kingdom, which mainly includes my 2 cats: Tinna and Sunna.

This year I was offered to take part in an exhibition in the town hall of Reykjavik, our capital. One of my 3 photos that I displayed there was chosen by viewers as the 3rd most interesting photo. That photo was also chosen for the cover of the advertising brochures. I get a great response to my photos; people have wanted to buy them for a variety of reasons, from wall hangings to business cards. That is such an encouragement.

Two of my photos will appear in a book which is published every year here in Iceland called Light Year 2007. I simply love to take photos and I am very thankful for all the compliments, encouragement and support I have been given these past 2 years.


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