Saira Kennedy
Saira Kennedy
Bay Area, California USA

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I love to see the world through a lens - it is that frozen moment in time, that reality of the moment - nothing else. Photography started as an interest but has, within the past year or so, developed into a full fledged passion. What grabs me most, is the ability to freeze time and find magic; whether it is the magic of nature (isn't it amazing, the spinning of a web?), of the world we live in (but usually don't see), or just the magic of life.. photography is the only thing that can prove to me that it is still there, and that it still exists.

Through the craziness and stress of life, underneath it all it is a miracle to be here and be alive. Photography helps remind me that this magic hasn't completely left the world yet. And capturing it, finding it, and sharing it, has become my obsession. Anything that is truly pure and beautiful, is magic, if only we take the time..